How to Prepare for Floods with Wire Decking

Floods can do a lot of damage to a warehouse.

Once the water starts flowing in, all of the pallets stored at ground level are in danger. If the products on these pallets aren’t somehow wrapped in waterproof plastic, at least some of the items on the bottom of the pallet will be damaged. Chances are, it will end up being much worse than that, though.

Fortunately, you can solve this issue by making use of wire decking.

What is Wire Decking?

Wire decking is a type of warehouse shelving made out of wire racks.

These racks feature crisscrossed wiring with support beams that create a strong, stable shelving system. While it’s true that these decks would not be useful for storing small loose items, they’re perfect for storing large items and pallets. Wire decking can also hold a surprisingly heavy amount of product, especially when wire with a larger diameter is used in creating the grid.

Advantages of Wire Decking

Wire decking has a number of different advantages. It’s a very flexible type of shelving because it can be used to store a number of items—pallets of different sizes, drums, and cartons. Because it’s not a solid shelf, it can be easier to take inventory or find pallets. It also makes the warehouse a little brighter since it won’t block as much light.

This type of shelving is also very easy to put together. The decking simply drops down into a support frame. The decking makes a 90-degree angle at the end, and these corners and short sides fit down over horizontal supports to hold the decking in place.

Use in Floods

It’s this flexibility that makes wire decking ideal for use in floods.

While there may be unexpected flash flooding situations in which it’s too late to protect anything, if warehouses have some advance warning, wire decking can be used to save millions of dollars in damages.

Because this type of shelving doesn’t take much time to put up, new scaffolds can be quickly erected and decking put down. Then all of the pallets, drums, and other containers that are sitting directly on the floor can be placed upon these decks, getting them out of the water’s way.

If the warehouse doesn’t have enough wire decking to create shelf space for all of their pallets, some may have to be left on the floor. In this case, those pallets with items more waterproof than others may need to be left off the wire decking.

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