Creative Uses for Wood Pallets

While pallets are most commonly used for storing and transporting products, many creative people have come up with other uses for pallets. These uses range from furniture to artwork.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought we’d do something a little different and show some other uses for wood pallets.

Here are some of our favorite ways to recycle wooden pallets into something different.

Pallet Rack Planters

pallet 1Turn used pallet racks into planters by hanging them on the exterior of your home or by leaning them up against the wall. You can either attach planters and baskets to the pallet or add in some boards to create shelves within the pallet. Then you can plant flowers and other plants directly into the unit.

Create Theater Seating

pallet 2Need some furniture for your den, basement, or entertainment room? You can make theater-style seating using pallets. Just sand them down (no one wants to get splinters), paint them, and then arrange them in a stair step pattern.

The first level has one pallet, the second level has two stacked on top of one another, and so on. When the levels are complete, put cushions and pillows on each to make a comfortable place to sit or lie down while watching TV.

Construct a Patio

pallet 3You can use basic pallets to make a patio for your backyard. You may not even need to paint them—just arrange them in any sort of grouping you want, add some patio furniture, and you’re done. You can even make a few patio tables from pallets or build seating by placing outdoor cushions on top of the pallets.


pallet 4You can take used pallets apart and turn them into awesome garage shelving. It won’t take you much time at all, and when you’re done, you’ve got a great system for organizing all of the things that tend to clutter up the garage.

Other shelving options include bookshelves and hanging shelves. For these, you will want to be sure to sand everything down and possibly add paint or stain to match a room’s décor.

Cheap Bed Frames

pallet 5Need a bed frame, but don’t want to pay for one? Just grab some pallets and create your own.

Pallets can be the perfect way to get your mattress up off the floor without spending a lot of money. You can even create a headboard and footboard out of pallets, as well.

Plus, the open ends allow you to store some items under the bed, such as extra sheets or small pillows. It’s a great way of adding a rustic touch to your bedroom or guestroom.

A Shoe Rack

pallet 6Tired of the kids leaving their shoes all over? Want to encourage them to take off their dirty shoes before they come into the house? Use a pallet to create a shoe rack for the mudroom or garage. Kids just need to stick their shoes toe-end first in between the slats of the pallet.

What other uses have you found for used pallets? Comment below to join the conversation!

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