Cutting Warehouse Energy Costs During the Winter

Warehouse winter energy costs can be a huge expense and can often prevent managers from purchasing the equipment that they need. There’s always money to be saved, and cutting your warehouse energy bill in the winter is a great way to save some cash so you can purchase everything from dock boards new industrial shelving.

We previously covered the topic of winterizing your warehouse, and now we have some pointers on how to cut your energy bills when the weather gets really cold. Not only will it help your warehouse’s green initiatives, it will save you money, as well.

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to cut back on energy costs.

Instal A Ceiling Fan

It may sound crazy, and rightfully so, but putting up a couple of ceiling fans in your warehouse can actually help circulate warm air throughout the entire building.

Logic would tell us that fans help keep people cool, but science tells us that hot air rises. When you have a warehouse that is up to 40 feet tall, the heat that is pouring into your building is going to go straight up to the roof, pushing the cold air down to the floor, which is precisely where your thermostats are located.

Temperatures in a warehouse can fluctuate by up to 20 degrees from ceiling to floor, so if you have an automated thermostat that is reading temperatures on the floor, it is going to think that your warehouse is much cooler than it really is. This will cause it to heat the building more than it really needs to be heated. By installing a few fans on the ceiling, the warm air will more efficiently circulate throughout the building, allowing the automated heating system to take a break every now and then.

Check Your HVAC System

This doesn’t mean that you should simply turn it on to see if it is working. Hiring an HVAC specialist every year may seem like a big cost up front, but it will help you to keep your energy costs low all year round.

HVAC systems can become inefficient over time, and conducting an audit on the system will allow you to identify and correct these inefficiencies. HVAC specialists will also conduct routine maintenance on the system such as changing air filters and cleaning the system.

Seal Your Building

This goes far beyond instructing your employees to keep doors and windows closed at every possible moment in time. You should also have your building inspected for air leaks in the walls, roof, doors and windows.

Every bit of warm air that escapes your building is money being thrown out into the street.

Invest in Minor Remodels

If you have to money to spend, investing in a few minor remodels can help to save you money in the long run. Things such as high-speed doors can cut down on the time cold air has to escape the warehouse. You could also purchase air curtains to put over doors so that less warm air escapes while they are open.

Finally, skylights have been known to keep warehouses warm by allowing sunlight into the building. They are also a great source of natural light that can help you cut down on electric bills

Save Money All Year Round

There are a lot of things that can be done to cut back on warehouse energy costs, which allows you to focus your money on other investments. If you need any new or used warehouse equipment, contact Murray Materials Handling today to find what you are looking for.

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