What’s So Great about Wire Decking

There’s many products to be offered in the material handling industry.  In a series of blog posts, we’d like to take some time to highlight each and every one of them.  That way, people can better understand their benefits and why a company may want to use such a product.

To start things off, we will be discussing wire mesh decking.  Wire mesh decking is a great (and occasionally underappreciated) asset to the storage world.  It’s so simple in design, yet so versatile in it’s application.

We highly recommend incorporating it into your storage systems.

wire decking

The Purpose of Wire Decking

Wire Decking is generally an addition to pallet racking used to cover gaps between the racks themselves.   The wire mesh pattern prevents pallets and smaller objects from falling through.  While its strength doesn’t match that of the rack itself, wire decking is sturdy and able to add a great deal of support.

The Benefits of Wire Decking

Wire mesh decking is great because it offers a variety of benefits, both obvious and less obvious.

It carries the same benefits most any shelf would (no pun intended).  Wire decking adds supports, prevents product from falling, etc.

But, it’s in the spaced, mesh pattern that its true beauty is found.  Since it’s not a solid surface, dust and debris build up is significantly reduced.  Wire decking catches what you want it to, but lets the rest of the junk pass on to the floor below.

It also allows great visibility.  You’re able to see straight through to whatever is setting on top of it.  This can make inventory management considerably easier as you might not have to climb up on each and every shelf level.

And It’s Safer!

Wire decking is considered to be a great safety addition to storehouses.  Because it’s not a solid surface, air flow isn’t effected, allowing better circulation.  Wire Decking also works great with overhead sprinkler systems as water passes directly through.

In fact, with the installation of wire decking, your insurance premiums could potentially decrease.  If anything, it’s something you definitely want to look into.

Basically, if you’re not using wore decking in any capacity currently, you may want to change that.  You certainly won’t regret it.


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