Different Types of Pallets

We’ve said it before, but please allow us to say it again.  We love pallets.

A lot.

They’re simply a great invention with all sorts of possibilities.  A while back, we talked about the history of pallets which can find elsewhere on this blog.

Different types of pallets

This time, we’d like to talk about the different types of pallets.  While the pallet is an incredibly practical and versatile object, there are still a variety of them out there for different reasons.  To make things easier, we’ve separated them into categories.

*Please note, this isn’t an exhaustive list, rather, a list that will give you a good idea of what’s out available.

Different Materials for Pallets

Depending on what you need/want/can afford, pallets are made of different materials.

Wood Pallet

This is of course the classic pallet.  Durable, cheap, yet light enough to carry if needed.  They’re prone to give splinters so be careful.  Regardless, these pallets make of the vast majority of pallets out there and are suitable for just about anything.

Plastic Pallets

The second most common pallet is the plastic pallet.  Sleeker in finish, lighter in weight, plastic pallets are a more modern take on the original.  They may not be as cheap, but they’re just as useful.  They also stack better.

But probably most conveniently, a plastic pallet can be lifted from all four sides.

Metal Pallets

If you’re carrying some incredibly loads, they’re probably going on metal pallets.  They aren’t light and they aren’t cheap, but there’s not much they can’t hold.

Paper Pallets

A bit more on the rare side, these pallets can’t hold a lot of weight and they’re not exactly reusable as a pallet, but they can be easily broken down and recycled.  For eco friendly people carrying light loads, paper pallets aren’t a bad choice.

Pallets Around the World

You may not know this, but pallets are not universal throughout the globe.  Yes, almost everyone uses them, but depending on where they’re coming from, the size can vary.

In North America, the most common pallet used is the Grocers Manufacture’s Association pallet.   This pallet measures 48 x 40 inches.  Chances are you have seen one before.

In Europe, they have what are called Eur-Pallets.  There the most common pallet size is 31.50 in × 47.24 in.  As you can tell, theirs tend to be a bit more narrow than ours.

Both North America and Europe have individual standards for different pallets that meet the needs of different industries.  What type of pallets you use will largely depend on what industry you work in.  There are other standards of pallets out there as well, but these are the most likely to be encountered.

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