Tips for Warehouse Management in Winter

For many parts of the US, this has been an especially brutal winter with average temperatures reaching record lows.

Though we’re probably all eager to see spring come, we could very well have a few more months of winter to make it through.  It’s best to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

That’s practically a warehouse management motto.

We’ve collected a few tips here on how you can best keep your warehouse prepared during the winter.  Though winter has already started, we’re going to go ahead and include some prep tips so that you can be ready next year.

1. Prepare for Winter

Finish Maintenance

When temperatures start dropping, getting the maintenance done is going to be a lot more difficult.   Not to mention the fact that the cold can be very hard on your equipment, increasing the chances of it breaking down.

Also check strip doors, the sealing around entrances, and be aware of all around air circulation.  The better you can control and maintain internal temperatures, the more prepared you are for winter.

Do your best to get things fixed sooner rather than later.   You’ll be glad you did.

Be Ready for Daylight Changes

One of the worst parts of winter is the loss of daylight hours.  Does daylight affect your loading operations?  How so?  You may have to switch operations around a little bit so that you can maximize your daylight.

Don’t forget, it’s darker in the mornings and afternoons.  No matter how many winters you go through, it can be easy to take the summer’s daylight hours for granted.

Start adjusting to shortened daylight before winter hits.

2. Be Cautious

Winter snow makes a mess both inside and outside.  When you have workers moving from outdoors to indoors, they tend to leave a trail.  These wet spots can quickly be accident areas if you don’t pay attention.

Keep mats by the doors.  Mop up excessive water.  Place signs if needed.

Don’t forget about the outside of the warehouse either.  Make sure to keep snow cleared from doors, bays, and driving paths.  Also make sure to pour salt or sand on icy patches.  The last thing you want is a truck accidentally sliding into your dock leveler.

3. Keep it Warm

It takes money to keep a warehouse warm.  That leaves some warehouse managers hesitant to turn up the heat, especially when a lot of it leaks out through loading bays and doors.

But it’s important to keep your warehouse warm for your workers, your inventory, and your equipment.

Stay Safe

The winter can be a dangerous time.  The thing any warehouse needs is an accident.  With a little preparation and a little extra caution, you should be able to get through the winter just fine.

Do you have any tips for operating a warehouse in the winter? Share them below!

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