Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Secure

Warehouse security is vital in today’s day and age.

If someone breaks into your warehouse and steals or damages property, it could reflect poorly on you and your company. Worse yet, if your products and materials were damaged or stolen, you’ve just lost money. If your warehouse stores products for other businesses, you may have lost much more: a client.

To avoid this, you need to make certain your warehouse is as secure as possible. Here are a few tips to keep everything locked down.

Warehouse Entries

How many doors do you have going into and out of your warehouse? The more doors you have, the more possible security breach points you have. That’s why many security companies recommend warehouses and even most businesses try to limit the number of entry points.

A warehouse should make use of one main door for all coming and going during the day. Your other doors should be rigged with emergency fire alarms that will go off if the door is opened.

Warehouse Disposal Areas

Many people don’t really think about their dumpsters. Why would you?

However, dumpsters are useful to burglars in several different ways. They provide an easy hiding space that blocks exterior cameras, and they provide a place to stash stolen goods. Security experts recommend placing the dumpsters away from doors or making certain that the dumpsters are locked after business hours.

Warehouse Employees

Most employers like to think that their employees are completely loyal to the company. No one wants to suspect someone they see on a regular basis is capable of theft, but employees have been known to steal from businesses.

While your employees may not try to make off with your forklift ramps every day, it is possible that one of them may try to slip something out the door. It doesn’t matter if it’s a warehouse tool or a product you’re storing, theft is theft and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Protecting your warehouse from employee theft is a little trickier. One recommendation is to make certain that security cameras monitor the employee parking lot. This actually does more than just guard against employee theft—it helps keep your employees safe if they have to leave the building after dark.

Warehouse Docks

How are your receiving and shipping docks arranged? If they’re close together, it may be possible for an employee to move items between the two without anyone noticing. This can be a way of hiding items for later retrieval. If they are close together, be sure to place barriers between them to keep them separated.

Warehouse Security

If possible, you want to have 24/7 security at your warehouse. If that’s not an option, hire an overnight security guard. Even if you have a top of the line security system complete with alarms and cameras, it may still be worth the extra money to hire someone to keep an eye on things at night.

Finally, have a security expert do an evaluation of your warehouse for both interior and exterior security threats. This will give you a good idea of where your vulnerabilities are and what can be done to shore them up.

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