Is It Time to Replace your Yard Ramps?

Yard ramps are useful when you don’t have a loading dock handy. These metal structures feature a slope on one side and an open edge on the other that is level with the back of a trailer. Simply move the ramp up into position and you can start using a forklift to unload it.

Warehouses often use yard ramps when they only have one loading dock or when their loading docks are being renovated. Yard ramps may also be used to unload materials on construction sites or other locations.

But like all products, yard ramps may not last forever. A quality ramp will serve you for 15 years or more, but eventually, you’re going to need to replace it. Here are a few ways to tell when you should invest in a new yard ramp.

It’s Starting to Sag

Yard ramps have to hold up a very large amount of weight on a regular basis. While they’re built out of incredibly durable steel and other materials, they will eventually start to give a little bit, especially in the middle where there’s often less support.

If you start to notice a bit of sagging on your yard ramp, it’s a good sign that you need to start shopping around for a new one. While this bit of sagging doesn’t mean you need to buy a new ramp right away, it does indicate that your current yard ramp’s time is coming to an end.

It’s No Longer Enough

Some yard ramps, especially older ones, may be smaller, shorter, or simply not as well constructed as modern yard ramps. If your ramp no longer seems to be enough for your needs, think about replacing it.

Yes, it may still be in good shape, but if it’s almost more of a hindrance than a help, why are you still using it? A newer ramp may make loading and unloading much more efficient than your current ramp. Don’t keep using it just because it’s what you have.

While this reason may not be compelling enough to go out and buy a brand new yard ramp today, it’s definitely good enough to look at new ramps when you have a little bit of extra money in the budget.

It’s Broken or Showing Signs of Breaking

This is pretty obvious—if a support is broken, bending, or otherwise in poor condition, replace that yard ramp as soon as you can. Something like this can be a danger to you and your dockworkers.

If a yard ramp breaks while someone is driving a forklift down it, it can be disastrous. The forklift could tip over, the load could go flying, and the operator (plus nearby people) could be hurt. This could also damage the trailer that’s backed up to the ramp and anything else that’s close to the ramp. At best, no one is hurt and there’s minimum damage. At worse, you have multiple injuries, thousands of dollars in damaged property and equipment, or even a death. Don’t risk it.

Is your yard ramp looking a bit worse for the wear? Contact us today to get started on your way to a new yard ramp for your warehousing needs!

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