Spring Cleaning Advice for Your Warehouse

Spring is everyone’s favorite time to get some serious cleaning done, and for good reason.

With harsh winter weather, it’s easy to let things pile up on the inside.  Meanwhile, the snow, wind, etc. make quite a mess of things outside.  By the time spring arrives, most people are in serious need of doing some cleaning.

Thanks to the warm weather that spring (usually) brings, it’s the perfect time to make your warehouse a little cleaner.

Benefits of a Clean Warehouse

A clean warehouse makes for a better working environment.  Workers can take pride of the cleanliness of their surroundings and are more motivated to keep it neat and organized.

A clean warehouse is also a safer warehouse.  By removing excess items, garbage, obstructions, and cleaning up messes, you ensure that your warehouse is as safe as it can be.

Things to Clean

It’s easy to let little items build up over time.  Before you know it, you could have a serious issue on your hands.

During your spring cleaning, make sure to remove the junk and clutter.  Dust shelves, sweep debris from under pallet racks, remove empty pallets.  The more you can clear and clean out, the better.

And don’t just stop with the inside.

Make sure the outside of your warehouse stays clean as well.  A lot of mess can be left when the winter snow melts away.  Make sure to clean up to ensure the integrity and safety of your warehouse.

Make sure to inspect the integrity of your outdoor equipment as well, whether it’s yard ramps, loading dock ramps, or anything else you keep outside.

How to Keep it Clean

If you have the time/manpower/budget to schedule some sort of special cleaning day, you can take care of major issues quickly and efficiently.  Otherwise, the best practice is simply to clean as you go.

We recommend designating specific areas to specific people.  That way, if something is not clean, you know who to go to about it.

Do you spring-clean your warehouse?  What does that consist of for you?  Any additional tips?

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