Raising Safety Awareness in the Warehouse

It’s easy to take safety for granted.

If someone has never been hurt in the workplace, they might feel a certain amount of invincibility.  In the same way a child thinks they’re going to stay young forever, people who are accident free often think that accidents won’t happen to them.

But all it takes is one mistake for all of that to change.

It’s important that warehouse workers see safety not just as a benefit, but as a necessity.  A warehouse manager isn’t just in charge of ordering new dock boards.  They have to raise safety awareness.  That is one of their duties.

What’s the best way to do that?  We’ve put together a few ideas and suggestions.

1. It Starts with Proper Training

Safety training isn’t always exciting.  It can feel redundant, boring, or obvious.  At it’s worst, safety training can even feel like a waste of time.  But it’s not.

Make sure to go through the safety manuals.  Point out the dangers.  Share stories of accidents that can happen.  If need be, scare them a little.  Nothing makes workers follow safety standards more than a little fear.

Just a little though.

2. Proper Signage and Warnings (Images Work Best)

Having safety signs isn’t just beneficial to raise awareness.  In most cases, it’s the law.  Make sure warnings and rules are in place around equipment and machinery.  Graphics, illustrations, and images do a better job of both capturing attention and being remembered.

3. Call People Out

If someone isn’t following safety standards, and you observe it happening, let them know.  Maybe they aren’t aware.  Maybe they forgot.

If you see someone not following safety and an accident happens, a part of that is your own fault.

4. Be Creative

As we said earlier, safety can be a little boring.  If you’re having trouble raising safety awareness, try and get creative.  Have a little fun if you need to.

Recently, the Delaware Department of Highway Safety started a campaign called “Don’t Join the Walking Dead”.  They used zombies in their promotional material, essentially implying that when you don’t follow the rules of the road, you risk your life.

They even had live actors dress up as zombies and go around to warn pedestrians of the dangers they face.  Needless to say, the campaign got a lot of attention.

If you need to go to those measures to raise safety awareness in your warehouse, do it!  You may save a life.

Do you struggle with safety awareness?  What are some tactics you have tried?

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