A Brief Guide to Forklift Extensions

Unless you’re using a forklift on a daily basis, chances are you might not realize that extensions are available to assist with your forklift needs.

In fact, even people who do work in warehouses and use forklifts are often surprised to learn that forklift extensions and attachments exist.

So, what exactly is a forklift extension?

The Basics of Forklift Extensions

A forklift extension is an additional fitting that attaches to the blades that are already standard on a forklift. The extension is generally customized for different types of lifting jobs including (but not limited to) delicate material handling, rolled materials, and odd shapes and sizes.

OSHA standards regulate the maximum size forklift extensions can be. Extensions can increase the length of a forklift’s blades by no more than one half of the size of the standard fork. For example, if your forklift’s blades were originally 48 inches, you can increase them by an additional 24 inches for a total of 72 inches.

Forklift extensions can be used in conjunction with forklift ramps, but the extension can make a ramp unnecessary. So, just be aware of the exact needs before starting new warehouse projects.

Benefits of Forklift Extensions

So, is a forklift extension right for your warehouse? Here’s a few other additional benefits of using forklift extensions, so you can determine if it is.

1. Weight Loads
Heavy duty extensions allow for a heavier weight load to be transported.

2. Additional Sizes
Increased support and stability for lifting larger crates or longer objects.

3. Less Hassle
Extensions make the job not only easier, but faster.

Forklift Extension Safety

Safety is important in a warehouse and especially for the drivers of forklifts. Here’s a few key tips for safety when using a forklift extension.

1. Proper Attachment
The extension must always pertain specifically to the forklift you’re fitting it to and also be suitable for the load you’re lifting. This is important because improper fitting, weight or size could compromise the lift driver’s safety.

2. Training
Providing training specific to using a forklift extension is important because drivers will be able to get a feel for what the forklift is capable of and learn exactly how it’s used.

What questions do you have about forklift extensions? Comment below and let us know!

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