3 Signs your Warehouse Technology is Out of Date

Technology in a warehouse used to be very limited. At most, you’d have a calculator to help with the accounting books, basic tools, and vehicles such as a forklift. But today, technology plays a vital role in the warehouse. Without a warehouse inventory control system, it’s very easy to lose track of pallets or load the wrong pallets on the wrong truck. That’s why you need to make certain that your technology, especially the technology associated inventory control, is up-to-date. Here are three different warning signs that can indicate that your warehouse technology has become obsolete and needs to be replaced.

It’s Not Compatible with New Technology

Is your current inventory system compatible with Windows 10? If you’re using handheld scanners, a database, or any other piece of technology that is so old it won’t work with the newest operating systems or equipment, it’s time to upgrade. Yes, there’s a comfort in using what works, and it’s true that you’ll have to invest time and money in a new system. However, just because something has worked for your warehouse for years doesn’t mean that it’s the best option. You’ll most likely find that the new technology you bring in does everything that you need plus much more. Training time on these systems is usually fairly quick, too, because they’re designed to be intuitive.

Some people do have a concern about updating: their records may not be able to be imported into a new system. That concern may be valid, but in most cases, importing data isn’t a problem. Even in cases where data cannot be moved from one system directly to another, a good programmer may be able to create a conversion program that will work.

It Crashes Often

If your warehouse shelving came crashing down on a regular basis, you’d quickly replace it, right? Why wouldn’t you do the same with your technology? If you have a computer system or piece of equipment that is crashing or giving errors fairly often, why keep using it? While the occasional crash is almost to be expected, when it becomes the norm, it’s definitely time to look at updating. This is especially true if the system loses a good amount of your work every time it crashes. It’s bad enough that you waste time while it reboots, but if you have to redo work you’ve already done, the outdated technology has become a major drain on your business.

It Doesn’t Have the Features you Need

Even if it runs perfectly, you may realize that your current technology simply doesn’t have the features that new systems have. In that case, it’s definitely time to update your technology. Whether it’s something like incompatibility with tablets or the inability to generate certain types of reports, if you need something your current technology doesn’t offer, take a look at how important that missing feature is to you. In some cases, it may just be an inconvenience you can work around. In other instances, it may be something that you really do need, and in that case, it’s time to update.

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