Warehouse Safety Part 4: Pallet Safety

Pallets are what make the storage world go round.  They hold all of our cargo together, making it much easier to maneuver, stack, etc.

But by mishandling pallets, one runs the risk of damaging that cargo and perhaps even others.  And so, continuing with our series on Warehouse Safety, we bring you safety tips for handling pallets.

What Type of Pallet?

We talked before about the different types of pallets.  How you handle a pallet depends on what type you have.  Some pallets can be picked up from any side, some can not.  Some pallets are square.  Others are rectangle.  Some pallets stack up on top of each other in an interlocking fashion, wooden pallets do not.

When handling pallets, it’s important to be aware of what type of pallet you are using.   That probably sounds really obvious, but if you’re switching back and forth between two types a lot, it can be easy to let it slip your mind.

Condition of the Pallet

This is a very big part of pallet safety, and one that can be easy to ignore.  Plastic pallets crack.  Wooden pallets splinter and fall apart.  A damaged pallet can quickly become a safety risk as part break off, destabilizing product.

If a wood pallet breaks, it can expose nails or sharp edges.  Fragments can get lodged under pallet jack or forklift wheels also.  Before stacking objects on a pallet, make sure it is in usable condition.

Correct Forklifts and Pallet Jacks Usage

In our last post on warehouse safety, we talked about forklift safety.  All of that information factors straight into pallet safety.  Incorrect handling of a pallet via a forklift or pallet jack can lead to a number of bad things.

When pickling up a pallet, make sure you’re coming at it straight, and that it’s properly balanced on the prongs of the jack or forklift.  Also, if you’re picking up a wooden pallet with a pallet jack, be cautious.  Incorrect placement can result in ripping the pallet in half.

Pallet Racking

There are numerous types of shelving for pallets.  Always make sure you’re picking up and dropping off pallets at the correct end of the pallet rack.  Improper loading can throw off the entire flow of your warehouse and pose a safety risk.

Pallets are a great invention that make modern warehouse storage possible.  If you use them properly, your life will be a lot easier.

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