Warehouse and Loading Safety Part 2: Warehouse Shelving

This week we will be continuing our discussion on warehouse and loading safety.  Keeping your loading and storage areas safe and up to spec is not only good for your employees well being, but it can also save you considerable time and money in the long run.

Today we are talking about warehouse safety.  Particularly warehouse shelving.

Tip #2: Keeping Warehouse Shelving Safe

Warehouse ShelvingWhether we’re talking pallet racking or good old fashioned industrial shelving, keeping your shelves stable and safe is important.  After all, shelves are what hold your valuable products.  If they aren’t secure, your products can be destroyed, causing a great loss for you.

Also, shelving can go pretty high in a warehouse.  It’s important you keep it stable.  Here’s a great way to make sure your warehouse shelving is safe.

Use Post Protectors

If you have constant forklift and pallet jack traffic, post protectors are a must.  They are easily fashioned to the bottom of the post and to the ground, providing stability for your warehouse shelving while protecting it from incoming objects.

Use Wall Ties

For tall, wall shelving, this is a must.  By fastening your shelves to the wall, you all but guarantee it will not fall over.  There’s not much worse than a shelving collapsing forward.  With wall ties available, there is no excuse for it happening.

Wire Decking and Rack Guards

Wire mesh decking is a great way to provide safety for your warehouse shelving.  It is able to catch intentory and debris falling from hire shelves, but avoids dust build up that can unhealthy to breath.  It also allows for water to pass through.  If there’s a fire and your sprinkler system goes off, wire decking and rack guards/nets allow for the water to get to where it needs to go.

Ensure Proper Loading

When loading heavy objects, make sure the shelf is strong enough.  Don’t stack inventory and items directly on top of each other if you don’t have to.  Instead, place it directly on the shelf.  When dealing with pallet racking, make sure you are loading the pallets in the correct side as well as removing them from the correct side.

As keep safety in mind when dealing with storage.  It might feel like it takes longer to do things the right way, but in the end, it will actually save you a lot of time and headaches.

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