Uses for Wire Decking

Wire decking is most often used for warehouse shelving for a number of different reasons. However, in addition to the advantages of using it for your shelves, it can also be used for a number of other things. Here are a few different things you can use wire decking for in addition to its warehouse uses.

Other Uses in the Warehouse

Wire decking is most often fitted into metal frames to create shelves. The benefit here is that the metal grid that makes up the decking isn’t a solid surface. This allows for better air circulation between the shelving. It also lets more light through from the upper shelves to the lower levels, which can help in finding pallets and checking on the status of those pallets. Wire decking is also lighter than solid shelving, so it’s easier to move, but it’s just a strong and durable.

In addition to stacking things on top of your wire decking, you can also hang things from it. This is very easy to do if you have nothing stacked on top of the decking. Some warehouses use the first lower part of the pallet rack nearest to the door as a small work area, and they will hang things from the wire decking so they’re easy to find.

Another option is to turn the wire decking sideways and mount it to the wall or use several to create a freestanding grid. You can use this as a way of blocking of a section of the warehouse or other area, plus you may be able to attach grid wall hooks, baskets, and other items to the decking so you can hang tools or other items off of it.

Uses Outside of the Warehouse

There are a lot of things you can do with wire decking outside of the warehouse. If you do trade shows, for example, you can use wire decking to create displays by standing it on its end and zip tying it together into an open square. You could hang it on a garage or workshop wall; too, to create a storage area that has small shelves on the bottom (the part of the wire decking that is at a right angle to the rest of the piece). It’s also possible to build a smaller version of a warehouse frame to hold a few piece of wire decking. This way, you can create a small shelf in your garage.

If you love growing plants, wire decking makes a very nice small raised platform for pots. This gets your plants up off the ground, which may help protect them from flooding or from pests.

If you spent time outdoors, you can purchase weatherproof cushions and put them on top of a piece of wire decking to create a sitting area. You could even do this indoors if you want. A piece of wire decking with fairly tight gridlines can also be used as a patio table. You could create an entire outdoor sitting area with wire decking—chairs, table, and raised plants.

What other uses do you have for wire decking either within your warehouse or outside of the warehouse? Comment below to join the conversation!

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