The Best Industrial Shelving

Sometimes pallet racks are exactly what you need.  Other times, they’re a bit much.  When it comes to storing and organizing the smaller items of your warehouse and business, industrial shelving is exactly what you need.

Sure you could go to IKEA to buy some shelves.  That is, if you wanted your shelves to fall apart a few months later.  But if you want something that will hold what you put on it, industrial shelving will meet your needs and then some.

As we close out our blogging series of the various storage materials we offer, we’d like to talk about Industrial shelving.

Not All Shelves are Created Equal

Some think a shelf is a shelf.  Those people are wrong.  There are a variety of shelves to be offered that might be perfect for one need, but not so great for another.  Also, shelves usually hold pretty important things.  Don’t you want to set your valuables on the right kind of shelf?

Of course you do.

Particle Board Shelves

We’re not sure who created particle board, but we’d like to shake that person’s hand.  Particle board is a cheap, lightweight material that works perfect for basic shelving.

Our particle board shelves require no hardware to assemble, making them our most simple of storage devices.  These shelves are perfect for filing away papers and boxes and anything else you would like to keep nice and tight.

Open or Close Steel Shelves

Need something a bit sturdier? Maybe a bit more open?  Lightweight steel shelves should do.

They’re made of steel so their strong and durable, but they’re quite open and spaced out so they remain light and mobile.  If you’d like them to be a bit less open, you can get sheet metal backing and siding for them.  That way they protect your materials a bit more.

As far as assembly, you’re going to need some clips and minor hardware to put these guys together.  Still, they’re pleasantly simple.

High Capacity Shelving

Sometimes you need a shelf that can really carry some weight.  Our higher capacity shelves will do just that.

And let’s be honest, the objects on shelves aren’t always the same height.  Sometimes you need more space in between shelves, other times you need less.  Our high capacity shelving has an array of notches and adjustable heights so you can move them accordingly.

We Take Pride in Our Shelving

We like to believe that if you need to store it, stack it, or simply set it somewhere, we can supply you with the means to do so.  Our Penco shelves are high quality and our “quick ship” program can have whatever you need delivered to you in days.

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