Everything You Need to Know About Loading Dock Equipment: Part 1

This week, we continue our series discussing the various warehouse and storage equipment available at Murray Material Handling.  Last time, we talked about pallet racking: the different types, the various parts, and certain add-ons like post protectors.

Today, we are looking at loading dock equipment.  Because loading dock equipment is so vast and inclusive, we’re splitting it into two posts.  This one will focus on loading dock ramps.

The Different Types of Dock Ramps

Loading Dock RampsDock ramps go by many names including yard ramps, forklift ramps, and portable ramps.

Nevertheless, a ramp is a pretty straight forward piece of equipment.  In the case of warehouse storage, it’s a long piece of metal that goes from the ground and slants up to a platform.  The reasons you might need a ramp, however, can vary quite a bit.

Sometimes you’ll be loading from a trailer to the ground.  Other times you’ll be moving from the ground up into a storage bay.  The more versatile a dock ramp, the more useful it is to you.  Because of this, dock ramps are typically fashioned with pneumatic wheels to allow for easy maneuvering and transporting.

Just so you know, steel tires are also available in case you fear punctures to the pneumatic tires.

Our dock ramps are fashioned with a serrated steel grate flooring to provide better traction and minimize build up on the ramp itself.  The sides have 8 inch high safety curbs so you don’t have to worry about rolling your load right off the edge.

Ramp Platforms: A Great Addition.

While dock ramps typically level off at the top to provide space for maneuverability  many situations require more space to work with.  This is where the ramp platform comes in.  A rather basic platform, the portable dock is a great way to give yourself some work room between the ramp and the place you’re loading from/into.

To Be Continued…

Come back soon to read about dock boards, plates, levelers, and more!

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