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2015 Recap: What Changed in the Warehousing Industry?

Some things in the warehouse industry have not changed in years. Equipment like yard ramps, industrial shelving and forklifts have remained the same for quite some time, but other forms of technology change almost on a month-to-month basis. In the digital age, it is hard to follow the rapidly changing technological landscape, but we at […]

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How the Increase in E-Commerce is Changing Warehouses

In the past, warehouses were heavily reliant upon distributing goods directly to retailers. Large shipments would be taken from industrial shelves, loaded across dock levelers into trucks and taken to retail stores. Now, warehouses have a new set of orders to fulfil: those coming directly from consumers via e-commerce sales. Over the years, e-commerce has […]

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The Importance of Forklift Safety

One of the most important things in a warehouse is safety. If any accidents occur, it’s going to fall on the manager and the warehouse or company owner. That’s why it’s vital to train all employees on all safety procedures and make certain that they’re followed. While all areas of safety are important, forklift safety […]

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Warehousing Trends for 2015

The New Year is upon us, and that means it’s time to start looking to the future. As with any industry, we can expect some new trends to emerge in the warehouse sector in 2015. Experts have some ideas about what trends we can expect to see in the coming year, and many of them […]

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Henningsen Cold Storage Recognized for Safety

The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has recently acknowledged Henningsen Cold Storage in Richland, Washington, as one of the state’s outstanding warehouses. Henningsen was one of only six companies in the state to be named as such. L&I’s START Program L&I selected these six companies as part of its Safety Through Achieving Recognition Together […]

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Coca-Cola Goes Green with their Forklifts

Forklifts have been a major feature in warehouses across the world for years, and while they may have some differences, they all had one thing in common: some form of fossil fuel powered them. However, in today’s world of green energy, many companies are under pressure from consumers to become as environmentally friendly as possible, […]

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What would you do with a warehouse that is as big as 28 football fields? Well, when you’re the web’s largest retailer, why would you not have  one million square foot warehouses that could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic pools? When you ship hundreds of millions of products, it’s what you need.  And […]

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How Amazon is Trying to Cut Down Warehouse Costs

Being the biggest online retailer in the world, knows quite a bit about warehouse storage. After all, those millions of products need to be stored somewhere.  It’s safe to say that Amazon has just about every type of warehouse equipment there is, from basic yard ramps to automated sorting systems. So when Amazon makes […]

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